About Beads and Bordeaux

Circa 2018
© Natassja Begnal

Originally created for homemade jewelry and wine bottle decor accents in early 2018, Natassja Begnal has quickly grown Beads and Bordeaux into a full-blown woman's clothing boutique. Natassja saw the need to offer all women more when it came to shopping. As a woman, wife and mother of two small children, she saw the opportunity to use Beads and Bordeaux as a platform to do just that. She believes everyone deserves stylish, affordable clothing that is not mass produced by a chain clothing store. Natassja makes it a priority to get to know her customers and their tastes. She also offers multiple weekly Facebook lives to shop from. These Facebook lives are fun and lively, but more importantly, it gives the customer a chance to see the clothing up-close and personal. During the live, Natassja tries on each piece of clothing so customers can view the clothing off a mannequin. The Facebook lives have become a meeting ground for women to enjoy an evening of fashion and shopping from the comfort of home, with a glass of bordeaux in hand. Join me in clinking your glass to a new shopping experience live and online at Beads and Bordeaux.